Initiating vs Manifesting

I want to speak about the difference between initiating and manifesting. Many newcomers to Human Design receive the information that they should not initiate in life, but would be better served by waiting to respond, or be clear, or for an invitation. They then start to question their life by looking for actions that are initiating, and attempt to stop themselves acting in this way, as though it were dangerous or bad. (My hand is up to this one!) The Law of Attraction shows us that we are all master manifestors - not Manifestors as the Human Design Type. It is this manifesting through attraction [...]

Using Your Internal GPS to Live Your Inner Purpose

If you keep doing the same thing and finding yourself at the same kind of destination which isn’t one you really want, then you are possibly ignoring a Road Ahead Closed sign somewhere. If you were driving and you encountered one of these signs, there would usually be a Diversion sign to follow instead. There’s nothing wrong with your intended or desired destination, just that your route to get there is going to be a little, or a lot, different than the one you expected. It’s the same when you encounter a Road Ahead Closed sign in your journey to your dreams. So if you [...]

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The Gentle Art of Contemplation

When working with Human Design or Gene Keys concepts, it can be easy to be drawn into someone else's explanation of what they mean. Or to think you know what it means.  This is OK but it isn't the full picture. It's just the beginning of what could turn into a beautiful relationship. Each word is like a door. Doors often tell you very little about the room on the other side! Meeting a concept in this way is like meeting a person you've maybe seen from a distance, someone who is a regular in your local coffee shop. You known and recognize them by [...]

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Appreciating Waiting

This subject of 'waiting' is one that is well worth contemplating and experimenting with. Waiting to Respond is the life strategy for Generators; waiting for Invitations is the life strategy for Projectors, and waiting through the cycle of a lunar month is the life strategy for Reflectors. But what is this 'waiting' for and why is it beneficial to learn to wait? In my own personal experiment I have found so many different ways to 'wait'; waiting helplessly for something or someone else to act first; waiting in a state of apathy; waiting as a restriction on desire and impetus; waiting as a mind game; [...]

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What Is the Waiting part of my Strategy?

What is Waiting?   When you encounter Human Design, you immediately come across the concept of waiting as part of your Strategy. Generators are told to Wait to respond. Emotional Generators are told to Wait for clarity. Projectors are told to Wait for invitation. Reflectors are told to Wait for lunar cycles. Manifestors are told to Inform before initiating and impacting. (waiting is implicit in that they do not initiate all the time) In an action-focused society, we are led from our minds, so this waiting can be difficult to comprehend. How can you wait when the dinner needs to be cooked, the children want attention, [...]

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Trying To Fit In Got Me Into Debt!

by Sara J Sanderson The Heartist Movement (inspired by my Human Design reading with Marian Mills) It is so freakin hard not to compare myself to others when I see others creating things I feel I should be able to do, or when others are able to articulate amazing useful tips and ideas and share them openly, yet I only currently feel comfortable sharing advice, tips and techniques one-to-one. When I look deeper at why I want the same things for myself that I see in others, I actually find I want them mainly so I can fit in and be just like every other [...]

Emotional Healing of Conditioning

A Human Design reading can be a catalytic experience for healing emotionally, physically and spiritually. The purpose of the Three Keys is for you to make choices that bring you closer to your true and authentic Self and heal your emotional conditioning from childhood. How we get conditioned Every day we make decisions, often hundreds of them, based on who we think we need to please in order to protect ourselves from failure, shame and humiliation. This shows up in our lives as the pursuit of perfectionism/never feeling good enough, procrastination and over-committing ourselves. It is a form of personal abuse and does harm us [...]

Healing the world through choices for Freedom, Peace and Respect

Do you realise the power of your choices for creating your world? Whether you live in a world of freedom, peace and respect comes down to the choices you have made. There is such tremendous power in truth and aligned decisions. Each choice you make takes you closer to freedom, peace and respect or into pain and suffering. And everything you create ripples out into your family, community and the wider collective. There is a place within you where aligned decisions are made. You can usually tune into it as a feeling, and Law of Attraction teachings speak about following the feeling that feels better. [...]

Walking Through Life Backwards

If you ask most people to point to where they locate their future, they will point in front of themselves. Similarly, they see their past as located behind them. A few oddballs use left and right, but most have this view of facing into the future. We walk forwards to get to our destination, and where we were a few steps back is therefore always behind us, so it makes logical sense. This is embedded in our language; growth and development are seen as “moving forward” whereas we look back at past events. This has been studied and found to be almost universal across many [...]

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Healthy Business Growth to Fulfill your Purpose

Building your own business is like growing a tree. You need to have a good balance between your root growth which is your personal development, and your canopy growth which is your business. There is a need for both inner and outer work especially if your business is an expression of your life purpose. Both the roots and the leaves nourish the tree in different ways. If your business doesn’t nourish you it will fail. When you get to a point where you have no time for personal growth, your roots are failing. Can you recognise these signs in your business? Historically businesses have been [...]