Reshare by Robin Rice: How To Get Angry Without Losing Your Enlightenment

NOTE: I wanted to share this as it's the best piece I've read about real genuine anger in a spiritual context. I've struggled with anger all my life through depression and illness, until I came to see it as useful, and learned ways to use it. There is a great creative power within anger. "Unfiltered anger" by Louis Dyer "Anger. It’s a bad thing, right? It’s low-brow for spiritual types. Better to “OMM” your way through, don’t you think? No. I don’t think. Anger is not primitive on the journey of enlightenment. Jesus overthrew the tables when he got angry at the moneychangers. [...]

Life Purpose

Speak not to the acorn about the magnificent tree it can be, But show it how rooted you are in the richness of the earth. Show it your branches spread out under the shifting skies, The rain driving through as your leaves tremble and fall. Show it your sap rising inside, your expanding joy and vitality, The energy and solidity of your trunk even as the wind bends you. Show it your bright green jewelled buds called out by the warmth of spring sun. Show it your compassion, your wisdom from a thousand storms, a thousand springs, A thousand winters borne. And know the freedom, [...]

Emotional Healing of Conditioning

A Human Design reading can be a catalytic experience for healing emotionally, physically and spiritually. The purpose of the Three Keys is for you to make choices that bring you closer to your true and authentic Self and heal your emotional conditioning from childhood. How we get conditioned Every day we make decisions, often hundreds of them, based on who we think we need to please in order to protect ourselves from failure, shame and humiliation. This shows up in our lives as the pursuit of perfectionism/never feeling good enough, procrastination and over-committing ourselves. It is a form of personal abuse and does harm us [...]

Walking Through Life Backwards

If you ask most people to point to where they locate their future, they will point in front of themselves. Similarly, they see their past as located behind them. A few oddballs use left and right, but most have this view of facing into the future. We walk forwards to get to our destination, and where we were a few steps back is therefore always behind us, so it makes logical sense. This is embedded in our language; growth and development are seen as “moving forward” whereas we look back at past events. This has been studied and found to be almost universal across many [...]

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Catching the Wave

The Wave I want to talk about is your own individual one. Your natural cycles of growth, expansion, retreat, consolidation. When you can time your actions to your innate natural cycles, you can experience increased ease, more result for your efforts, and deeper connection with your pathway through life. The knowledge about when to sow seeds according to the moon cycles used to be common currency; nowadays it seems like it has been relegated to what are often regarded as specialist or 'cranky' organic permaculture fanatics. Agriculture on the industrial scale has scoured away awareness of many natural cycles, introducing heated polytunnels, oil-based fertiliser, automatic [...]

The Pinch Point

I have found that there are times when I lose contact with the part of me that I know can handle situations competently and learn through my experiences, or be open to someone's expression of discontent with my actions. What I feel at these times in my body is a tense contraction, sometimes almost solid like an obstruction. I call this the Pinch Point (or flinch point as that's what if feels like when you connect with past pain). It is where my flow of creative life energy is literally pinched, like liquid unable to flow past a kink in a pipe, and I know [...]

Why Uncertainty Is Valuable

We are living in a risk averse culture, attempting to eliminate uncertainty, or at least our awareness of it. Uncertainty is something we find difficult and uncomfortable so we quickly track down the statistics or the blog or the community that will back up our preferred view. In this way we settle into our ruts, settle for what we have for fear of losing it, settle within our limitations instead of challenging them. We have lost touch with our innate ability to solve our own problems through living with uncertainty. We don't need to work everything out in our mind, although we can do that [...]

Being unique doesn’t have to mean being different

  I got myself frightfully stuck recently when I was trying to work out what my USP was. I was looking for my niche, the thing that I did that was different to everyone else believing that this was what I had to have before I could market myself successfully. It felt like looking for a lost key, that someone else had it but they were hiding it from me, which didn't feel empowering or creative at all. It's an old shame trick to compare oneself unfavourably with other people and invariably makes anyone feel awful if done with sufficient determination! And it locked me [...]

Knowing When to Push!

Well, yes, creativity can be like giving birth. There is an ebb and flow to all natural creative processes, which doesn't mean that it is all easy and requires no effort at all. Knowing when to push and use effort comes from awareness of your own creative process so that you can back away from a knotty problem or an overly stressful situation which is actually limiting your creative ability. When does stress begin to limit you? Only you can answer that by becoming aware of your inner flow. Some people thrive on stress levels that would cripple others. If you give yourself permission to [...]

Why Being Seen is so Important

I recently heard someone speaking about a drama workshop with masks which showed clearly that we easily and quickly take on a persona according to the reactions we perceive from people around us. In this sense we can become like a chameleon, constantly adapting to our environment so as to fit in, camouflaged. There are many reasons we do this – safety, security, belonging. Unfortunately, by doing this, we can lose touch with who really is behind the mask. This is our true creative Self. Some of our creative adaptations become too entrenched over time. In the film Avatar, the Na’vi  had a form of [...]