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Are you ready to begin your experiment in living freedom?

You can discover a way of life that truly delights you using your energy to feel deeply satisfied with what you create.

You can have your heart’s desires if you are prepared to let go of who you think you think you are and what you think your life should be. It’s less about what you do and more about what you allow.

Living YOUR life as presence, love in motion and expression, at the leading edge of your creativity.

  • My services support people who are creating a different and unique life by following their intuition, inspiration and aligned action.
  • I offer guidance, support and healing for people who feel discontented and out of sorts with the standard way of doing things.
  • My purpose is to inspire and support you to remember yourself as freedom, love and creation.
  • If you want a life you adore, grace has brought you here.

Where to Start

human-design-system-marian-millsIf you have never before heard about the Human Design System, here are some articles to get you started. If you like what you read and want to know how this can be applied to your life, the next stage is to get your chart and explore what it reveals about the essence of who you are and how you can live your truth. Would you like to dive into the experiment in living your truth? (… read more)
gene-keys-genekeys-richard-rudd-marian-mills-dnaThe Gene Keys offer you a deep understanding of your higher purpose. The I’Ching has now been revealed as the consciousness within your DNA. You express your genes differently according to your level of consciousness. They show you how to discover your living genius and live your higher purpose sharing your genius with the world. Genius is what naturally emerges when you are in alignment with yourself. (… read more)
coaching-mentoring-human-design-liberation-marian-millsI provide several levels of support for your intuitive development, liberation from fears and expansion. This is deep work for those who have a strong inner calling to be all that they are, and not a jot less. If your desire calls you to liberate yourself, live your life as love and enjoy freedom by being who you truly are  as an incredible, amazing and loving being, let’s talk. I use Human Design and Gene Keys to work with the genetic map of your being to help you unlock your natural genius. (….read more)